Research App

Aimed at digitisation of Trauma Treatment to scale in war-impacted communities across Africa, the University of Sydney collaborated with Kwix to define a holistic Enterprise Solution for Researchers to conduct clinical trials and to collect information about treatment efficacy.

A Dating App - with a twist!

Aimed at millennials, this Australian Owned firm is coming up with some real intuitive and smart features to play the dating game. With bar integrated and venues hosted, you could match with people already going to a bar near you.

On-Demand Service App

An Australian owned start up firm, aiming to bring on-demand service for dailiy essentials, where a user posts a job to be fulfilled, as basic as moving household items and Drivers bid, connect and deliver.

e-Commerce for Organics

Aimed at digitising the supplier community to connect them to the actual consumers of organic products. This Australian startup is trying to change the game of how organic products are delivered to the door.


Aimed towards automating the swimming pool & spa industry products, by virtue of a mobile app, this solution works on building smart appliances, which are then automated using a mobile app.

Teaching App

This app aims at bringing the teacher and student community together by digitising the way the teachings are imparted on the platform. It makes it so easy for the student to look for classrooms and subscribe for classes, against highly experienced teachers on the platform.

Trauma App

It was designed as a brief instrument to screen for a range of psychological problems after a potential trauma event, as well as for risk and protective factors. It contains various scales, instructions, algorithms to calculate the severity to provide for conclusive summary.

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